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Home | By Categories | Pro Audio / Video | Microphones | Mic Accessories | Sony (WRU8N42/44) Diversity Tuner Module
Sony (WRU8N42/44) Diversity Tuner Module|^
Sony (WRU8N42/44) Diversity Tuner Module
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The WRU-8N42/44 tuner unit achieves exceptional standards of RF performance. It features space diversity reception, and a wide dynamic range with low noise and distortion. The MB-8N/9F tuner base and WRU-8N42/44 tuner are ideally suited for a brange of multi channel wireless microphone applications, including broadcast, theater and live production. Up to 4 x WRU-8N42/44 tuners can be installed into the MB-8N/9F tuner base unit. When used in conjunction with the MB-8N/9F tuner base, the WRU-8N42/44 supports remote operation and set-up monitoring over standard Ethernet connections. A complete system can be set up and used as a stand alone wireless microphone system, or as a remotely controlled wireless system from a PC running the GUI software (supplied with MB-8N/9F).

  • Ideal for multi channel wireless operation
  • UHF-TV channels 42/44 (42,43,44 and 45). Users can choose from 188 frequencies.
  • Modular design, up to 4 x WRU-8N42/44 tuners can be installed into the companion MB-8N/9F tuner base unit
  • Includes channel search and group search functions
  • Supports MB-8N/9F tuner base PC control capability
  • Up to 16-channel simultaneous operation is possible using four MB-8N/9F's (fitted with 16 tuner modules) without an external antenna divider
  • Important Note #1: WRU-8N30/32 and WRU-8N42/44 tuners won't operate in MB-8N tuner base units; ch30/32 and 42/44 require use of the MB-8N/9F tuner base
  • Important Note #2: When active antennas are required; WRU-8N30/32 and WRU-8N42/44 tuners require use of the AN-820A/9L active antenna

General Specifications Detail:

Audio Output Connector See MB-8N for audio outputs

Power Requirements DC 5 V (supplied from MB-8N)

Battery Life -

Dimensions 19 x 1 3/4 x 11 7/8 inches

Weight 5.8 oz

Compatibiity For use with WL-800 Series wireless products operating within the same frequency block. This modular tuner is compatible with the MB-8N/9F tuner base.

Tuners Specifications Detail:

Receiving Channels 638 MHz to 662 MHz (TV channels 42,42,44,45), Choose from 188 frequencies
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