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Home | By Categories | Pro Audio / Video | Microphones | Wireless Handhelds | Sony (UWPX8/4244) Handheld Mic TX and RX Module Wireless System
Sony (UWPX8/4244) Handheld Mic TX and RX Module Wireless System|^
Sony (UWPX8/4244) Handheld Mic TX and RX Module Wireless System
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UWP Series UHF Synthesized wireless microphone system. Package includes a handheld microphone and tuner module. Channels 42 to 45. UWP Series transmitters and receivers can also be purchased separately (see optional accessories for details).

  • Consists of a uni handheld microphone and tuner module
  • Suitable for use in PA systems
  • Supplied with microphone holder and screw adapter
  • Tuner module can be installed in MB-X6 tuner frame or SRP Series Powered Mixers
  • PLL Synthesized System :Achieves stable transmission and reception by using a UHF PLL (Phase Locked Loop) frequency synthesized system, which provides accurate carrier signal frequencies. This system is used in both the transmitters and tuners, so that a stable carrier is generated at the transmitter, and accurately tuned in at the tuner. This PLL-controlled system provides highly stable, user-selectable frequencies in increments of 125 kHz.
  • Space Diversity Reception System :Typically, wireless microphone transmission systems can be subject to reception interruptions (signal dropout), but UWP series tuners reduce this to a minimum. By utilizing a space-diversity reception system, it achieves stable reception by using dual-antenna inputs/reception circuits. These receive signals over two different paths and automatically select the stronger RF signal for output.
  • Tone Squelch Circuitry :To avoid picking up carrier signals transmitted from other systems, the transmitter transmits a 32 kHz pilot-tone signal along with the audio signal. The tuner's squelch circuit recognizes this tone signal, and outputs the audio signal only when this tone signal is received. This function prevents the output of unwanted signals and noise from other signal transmissions in the air, as well as the RF noise and popping noise that occur when the transmitter is powered on or off.
  • Simultaneous Multi-Channel Operation :Simultaneous operation of up to 16 wireless microphones. Optimum combinations of practically tested, interference-free frequencies are stored in the tuner. By using the pre-programmed frequency groups, users can easily choose interference-free frequencies for the transmitters and tuners, simplifying the task of system setup.
General Specifications Detail:

Frequency Range 638 MHz to 662 MHz (TV channels 42 to 45) Users may choose from 188 frequencies on each model

Occupied RF Bandwidth 24 MHz

Compatibility For use with UWP Series wireless products operating on the same frequencies
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