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Home | By Categories | Pro Audio / Video | Microphones | Mic Accessories | Technical Pro (MKPF1) 6" Clamp on Microphone Pop Filter
Technical Pro (MKPF1) 6" Clamp on Microphone Pop Filter|^|^|^|^
Technical Pro (MKPF1) 6" Clamp on Microphone Pop Filter
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Technical Pro (MKPF1) 6" Clamp on Microphone Pop Filter
Technical Pro (MKPF1) 6" Clamp on Microphone Pop Filter
Technical Pro (MKPF1) 6" Clamp on Microphone Pop Filter
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The MKPF1 is our 6" clamp-on pop filter that is essential for recording vocals. No matter how much you have invested in your microphone, a pop filter is absolutely necessary to ensure a professional vocal recording. Whether you are recording a singer or a spoken word/interview, nothing will ruin your recording session faster than the inevitable sibilance and pops that are produced by the human voice when it is recorded directly into a microphone without a pop filter.

Pops are created from words containing P's and B's. Try to say the words "pop" and "basketball" with your hand close to your mouth. You will feel the explosive energy of those letters. That extra burst of air, when it reaches a sensitive microphone, creates a sonic overload and will distort and potentially ruin a great vocal performance.

Similarly, the vowels that create sibilance or excessive hissing are S's and Z's. If you try and sing "sound processing by zebras" you will hear what we are up against. Suddenly, a pop filter is no longer an option it is essential and becomes your greatest ally in recording a stellar vocal performance.

Every singer needs one. Every professional recording engineer today uses one. This inexpensive device can mean the difference between a recording session that is productive and efficient, versus one where constant re-takes are needed to fix problems caused by the lack of a pop filter.

Suddenly, creative momentum on the session is lost as time-consuming re-takes and fixes are needed to get a "final vocal". That great vocal take you thought was "in the can" turns out to be ruined by distortion, annoying pops and sizzling S's. Take a tip from world class engineers and protect your vocal recordings in advance.

The MKPF1 from Technical Pro includes a universal mounting clamp which is compatible with any existing microphone or boom stand, and has a flexible 10" gooseneck which allows it to work with any microphone.

As an added bonus, the pop filter's mesh screen also helps to keep your valuable microphone clean and sanitary.
  • Includes a flexible gooseneck holder and a swivel mount for smooth, precise positioning.
  • Pop filter for vocal microphones
  • Stops plosives and keeps your microphone clean
  • Include boom and microphone stand clamp
  • Swivel mount for easy positioning; flexible 10'' gooseneck holder
Technical Pro
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