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Blinder (M27) Jammer X-treme|^
Blinder (M27) Jammer X-treme
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The Blinder M27 laser jammer supercedes the previous M25 laser jammer to improve laser detection and jamming performance; while adding a NEW Parking assistance mode at the flick of a switch. Parking in a public parking lot or in your garage, the Blinder M27 will alert you to an object in front of your vehicle from 1-3 feet distance. Blinder M27 Laser Jammer will provide even better results based on Speed Measurement Labs tests in June 2009. Results are reduced noise alerts and detection of all laser guns used today around the world, and even better laser jamming.

Laser jammers tested by 1stRadarDetectors and Speed Measurement Labs show the Laser Blinder M27 setup as best in test since 1999. SML and 1stRadarDetectors both certify the laser blinder to prevent laser gun speed detection from maximum distance of the laser gun to the laser gun, such as Stalker LZ-1, LTI Ultralyte LR200, Laser Atlanta, Kustom Pro III, Riegl, Leveg laser guns.
  • Blinder M27 Laser Jammer New Feature: A new laser detector with upgradeable firmware for best laser gun protection
  • New Feature: Custom jamming LEDs "for Blinder products only" to give improved jamming output from the new high powered, infrared LEDs
  • New Feature: The Blinder M27 Interface supplies increased voltage to the new infrared LEDs
  • New Feature: Improved M27 software to detect and jam all the latest new laser guns in Europe, Asia and Americas
  • New Feature: Provides improved Laser Gun detection with fewer false alerts
  • Superb Laser Detection and Active Jamming of all laser guns to the front in Americas, Europe, Asia
  • Waterproof; resistant to false noise from sunlight and road reflections
  • Jams all laser guns including the LTI TruSpeed laser gun, Kustom Pro III, Laser Atlanta and Stalker LZ1 laser gun to the front from any distance;
  • Provides time for the driver to safely adjust their speed
  • Superb, hidden in the grille, high performance laser gun protection for Porsche Cayenne, Audi A8, Corvette Z06
  • Scans constantly for laser, locks on to laser pulse rate, blanks the gun speed display
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