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Home | By Categories | Pro Audio / Video | Amplifiers | Integrated Amplifiers | Technical Pro (IAW852) 2500W Integrated Amp with Dual Wireless Mics
Technical Pro (IAW852) 2500W Integrated Amp with Dual Wireless Mics|^|^|^
Technical Pro (IAW852) 2500W Integrated Amp with Dual Wireless Mics
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Technical Pro (IAW852) 2500W Integrated Amp with Dual Wireless Mics
Technical Pro (IAW852) 2500W Integrated Amp with Dual Wireless Mics
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Technical Pro makes some of the best audio and video gear on the market for the professional studio and stage. The same technology they use for the professional sound world can also be found in their highly regarded home equipment. The IAWB852 Integrated Amp with Dual Wireless Microphones is a combined amplifier and complete wireless microphone system built into one heavy duty package! Adding this to your home entertainment system or setting this up for you yard or deck parties is guaranteed to impress your friends and family and provide hours of group entertainment…and provide some of the best sound you’ve ever heard! 

The IAWB852 is an amplifier that can push out 2500 watts of peak power. This is the type of power used in clubs and on live stages…but it’s made for your home! The amplifier can be connected to four sources through RCA inputs. Plug in your tuner, CD player, DVD player audio, or CD player, etc. An additional iPod™ / MP3 connection is also included with an input cable. Connect your iPhone™ or iPod by using the MP3 input and play your songs through your home theater system! The outputs consist of four banana binding post that can output to four loudspeakers. Also included is an RCA output that can be used as a record line out. This is a state of the art amplifier system that can push out some serious power! 

The IAWB852 is also a complete dual wireless mic/karaoke system! Included are Dual VHF high band wireless microphones. These are professional microphones that are built to last and will provide a professional sound. Each microphone is wireless. If you are hosting a party and passing the microphones around your yard or deck…or even in the interior of your home you do not need to worry about messy wires or someone accidentally tripping over a wire! Use the microphones to make family announcements or lead everyone on the birthday song. Set up your deck or yard for a home event and use the wireless microphone system for a karaoke style party! Oh-No! What about the back-up singer. Fear not, the IAWB852 comes equipped with two ¼” microphone inputs on the front panel, giving you the ability to use up to four microphones with this system. 

The front panel also hosts all of the controls for playback, source selection and volume control. The front panel is illuminated with a digital output display monitor. Also included are controls for the microphones including volume, bass, treble and echo. If you are hosting a party and want to add a little color to your voice, turn up the echo control and give your voice a bit a flare! Built in is an industrial cooling fan to keep this unit cool during extended use. There are also removable rack mounts included. The IAWB852 is perfect match for any home...either indoors or outdoors it will bring hours and hours of enjoyment for you guest, family and personal use…and at a great price! 

If you've spent any time at all in professional audio, you know the name Technical Pro and what it stands for—incredible performance & sound, and the ultimate in reliability under harsh conditions. And now, Technical Pro offers the same technology in a series of integrated amps and receivers bringing more of what sets Technical Pro apart from all others.
  • Dual VHF high band wireless microphones included
  • Dual Karaoke / DJ mic inputs
  • 2500 watts peak output
  • Inputs: RCA (4 audio sources)
  • Outputs: Banana binding post (to 4 speakers), RCA (to record line)
  • iPod / MP3 input with cable
  • Digital fluorescent output display meter
  • Removable rack-mount brackets
  • Cooling Fan
  • Four Microphone controls: Volume, Echo, Bass and Treble
  • Dimensions: 17''w (19'' w/brackets) x 6''h x 12''d
  • Weight: 18 lbs (8.2 kg)
  • 110-220V Switchable
Technical Pro
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