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Home | By Categories | Pro Audio / Video | Accessories | Accessories | Behringer (EL34-4) Matched Power Pentode Amplifier Tubes
Behringer (EL34-4) Matched Power Pentode Amplifier Tubes|^
Behringer (EL34-4) Matched Power Pentode Amplifier Tubes
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A bleediní four-pack of our rowdy British-style power pentode tubes.

Since the invention of the amplifier, tubes have remained the most fascinating component of electronic sound technology. You donít have to be a tweaked-out tone freak to know that the kind of tube you use in your favorite amp plays an enormous role in shaping the personality of your sound. As certified tone maniacs ourselves, we offer a wide variety of premium hand-selected tubes to meet the tonal tastes of all breeds of musicians. We proudly offer tubes that deliver sun-drenched California cleans, as well as tubes that infuse your sound with an overcast British grind. Our various preamp tubes complement your ampís power stage while maintaining incredibly low noise and minimal microphonics.

One thing all our tubes have in common is the airtight quality control they must undergo before they fall into your hands (careful- these little guys get hot!). When we say hand-selected, weíre talking about an actual person individually testing each BUGERA valve! Tone means everything to us because we know it means everything to you, and we take every measure to make sure our tubes really give your sound the "soul of valves".

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