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Home | By Categories | Pro Audio / Video | Amplifiers | Power Amplifiers | Technical Pro (DA-B4000) 2U 4000 Watt Digital Amplifier
Technical Pro (DA-B4000) 2U 4000 Watt Digital Amplifier|^
Technical Pro (DA-B4000) 2U 4000 Watt Digital Amplifier
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The DA-B4000 is an elite Digital amplifier that can take a whole night’s worth of abuse without missing a single beat.

Superior performance Unbeatable Value
With its amazing digital circuitry technology the DA-B4000 is a cool running bass pounding amplifier that will pound out those deep lows and clearly give out those sweet highs! Your music will always sound great, even when you push this amp to the limit. Put simply, the Technical Pro DA-B4000 provides sound that is far superior to anything in its class.

Absolute Power
You get enough real-world Watts to get you through the most exacting and rigorous gigs: 2 x 660 Watts into 4 Ohms, or 4000 Watts max power. And DA-B4000’s high-current capacity means you won’t have to worry about running out of juice, even when the party reaches a crescendo. Technical Pro amplifiers always have your back and we will stand right beside you while you rock on through the night!

Unprecedented Security
Would you ever leave your door to your house unlocked? No you say…? How about your door to your car? No again? Well what about your power amplifier which is connected to every inch of your system from your speakers to your mixer to your audio sources? Well, that’s where you would probably be saying “I would if I could but I cant so I wont” – The time for change has come once again. Here at Technical Pro, the leader in Pro Audio innovation, we have come to the realization that many people would like to have a better sense of security regarding their equipment, that’s why our new line of “PA” series amplifiers are all equipped with Key Lock innovation, which will allow you to “Lock Down” your amplifier so no one can meddle of break your equipment.

Power Amplifier Lies Part 1
Most people use the logic that if 100 Watts is loud, then 200 Watts must be twice as loud—this is a complete lie! If you want your total sound output to be twice as loud, you’d need ten times the output power and one insane stockpile of loudspeakers. The true difference you get when you buy an amplifier with more power is “Headroom”, which means that your amplifier can put out a cleaner, deeper and higher sound without maxing out your resources and punishing your gear into submission. On a side note when you have an amplifier that gives you this added power you also have your speakers working more cohesively with your system, which equals a knock out performance that anyone would envy!

Power Amplifier Lies Part 2
“If I use too big a power amp, I’ll blow my speakers.” Most high-quality loudspeakers (especially ours) are more than able to handle a ton of power and when dealing with Technical Pro speakers we make sure they all have special protective circuitry in their crossover networks to prevent such a thing like blowouts from happening. While it is possible to “blow” a low-quality speaker by severely overpowering it, the most common speaker failure is typically due to driving an underpowered amplifier into clipping distortion. This type of distortion is every loudspeaker’s worst enemy—our ultra-clean power amplifiers are the solution.

Can One Ever Have Too Much Power?
Each person is different in his or her situation. Depending on what you plan on doing with your equipment, is how you should come to the conclusion of what you want. For example, if you were rocking an outdoor concert you would need more power than let’s say an indoors wedding. As a general rule, if you can perform comfortably with a pair of 12 to 15 inch speakers (all Technical Pro speakers will suit your needs in this regard), then one DA-B4000 Amp should suffice. But if you decide to add a pair of subwoofers to the above system like our SUB-1501x or SUB-1801x you would probably need to add another amplifier to help rock out the house!

Unprecedented Value and reliability
Designed for demanding install applications or for the road, the DA-B4000 also features original “Neutrik Speakon” connectors for the speaker output. The DA-B4000 also come with passive XLR inputs and outputs as well. Here at Technical Pro we strive to make every gig a successful one. That’s why we include with our DA-B4000 XLR to RCA adaptors for the inputs and outputs. With its vast array of professional features, massive DIGITAL power and unsurpassed fidelity, it should come as no surprise that the Technical Pro DA-B4000 digital amplifier is the leader in its class.
  • Elite Class D Digital Amplifier with Digital Circuitry Technology
  • RMS Power Rating:
    • 4 ohms: 660 watts
    • 8 ohms: 350 watts
  • Max power output: 4000 watts
  • Digital Circuitry Technology keeps amplifier cool while providing amazing sound reproduction
  • Balanced XLR Inputs and outputs with RCA Adapters
  • Iridescent blue LED Signal and clip indicator lights to monitor performance
  • "CAF" (Complete Air Flow) ventilation system includes an air filter with an automatic variable speed fan
  • High-quality components for a long life and quality performance
  • Authorized Internet Dealer
  • 1-year Manufacturer's warranty
  • Frequency response: 20 - 20,000Hz
  • Damping factor: >300 @ 8 ohm
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 100 dB
  • Total harmonic distortion: <0.01%
  • Input impedance: 20 kohm balanced/10 kohm unbalanced
  • Gain: 34 dB
  • Dimensions: 10-1/2"D x 19"W x 3-1/2"H
Technical Pro
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