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Connex (CX-3400 HP) 10 Meter Amateur Mobile Radio|^|^
Connex (CX-3400 HP) 10 Meter Amateur Mobile Radio
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Connex (CX-3400 HP) 10 Meter Amateur Mobile Radio
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Introducing the amazing looking new Connex 3400 HP Radio! Bearing striking similarities to the Stryker series of 10 meter radios, this new Connex radio offers a microprocessor controlled LED faceplate back-lighting with FIVE option colors (red, blue, green, purple and Cyan (light blue)). Another innovative feature is the front mounted external speaker jack (as well as a secondary standard rear speaker jack), perfect if the radio is mounted in a cubby where the back input isn't easily accessible. As with all Connex radios, the CX3400 includes the ever popular Connex Board echo as well as talkback. Continuing with the uniqueness in design, the CX3400 displays the band letter in the channel display, making it very easy to tell what band and channel you're operating on. Other features includes roger beep (with off switch!), variable RF power dial-a-watt potentiometer, SWR warning indicator and a hi/lo display light switch that, when set to night mode actually is usable at night without being overly bright. Be one of the first to own this newest iteration from Connex!
  • Varaible Microphone Gain: Allows you complete control over your transmitted audio level
  • NEW! Red, Green, Purple, Blue and Cyan Back-Lighting Completely controllable by you, switch the rim, back-lighting and meter light to either Red, Green, Purple, Blue or Cyan
  • NEW! Extra Large Meter You'll not have a hard time reading this meter, night or day
  • Variable RF Power: Dial-a-watt control allows AM carrier adjustments from 2 watts to 10 watts
  • Connex Board Echo: The classic echo sound!
  • HML Dimmer: With the dim control set to low, the lights are actually dim! Night mode means the radio will not distract you at night.
  • Antenna Warning Light: Protects the radio against high SWR by alerting you to problems.
  • AM/FM/PA Modes
  • Instant Channel 19: Quickly jump between channel 19 and any other channel of your choosing.
  • Switchable Roger Beep
  • NEW! Front Speaker Jack With a speaker jack on both the front and the back of the radio, you'll have no problems getting an external speaker plugged in.
  • Front Mounted Microphone Jack: Makes installation in a cubby easy and quick.
  • Length: 9 1/4"
  • Width: 7 7/8"
  • Height: 2 3/8"
  • Stock Microphone
  • 3-Pin Power Cord
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Mounting Knobs
  • Microphone Clip
  • Owner's Manual
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