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Sony (CDXGT930UI) Xplod CD Receiver|^
Sony (CDXGT930UI) Xplod CD Receiver
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Motorized flip-down, detachable faceplate, rear auxiliary input, MP3/WMA/AAC playback, USB 1-wire for iPhone® and MP3 players, satellite radio and HD Radio™ ready, 4-volt pre-outs.

Step up to the cream of the crop in car audio systems and listen to your music in a whole host of ways with the Xplod™ GT Series CD receiver. Easily connect, charge and control your iPod®, Walkman® MP3 player or other digital music player with USB 1-wire. This innovative feature displays metadata information such as song title, artist and track number on your front display when your music is playing. You can even listen to a CD playlist loaded with your favorite MP3, WMA or AAC song files. In addition to delivering superior sound quality, the CDX-GT930UI features a motorized flip-down, detachable face and is satellite radio and HD Radio™ ready.

USB 1-Wire for iPod® and other USB devices

The CDX-GT930UI features USB 1-Wire, an intelligent feature that lets you connect, charge, and control your iPod®2, Walkman® player and other digital music players via the (included) USB jack at the rear of the unit. Even more, when you plug your device in and begin listening to music you can enjoy viewing metadata like song title, artist, and track on your front display.

Jump Mode

Should you wish to listen to a particular song in a category, press the AMS button and then select Jump Mode. You can then fast forward through that category in 10 percent increments, getting you closer to just the right song.


This Sony® original codec enhancer reproduces detailed and high-frequency sound from compressed audio. DM+ (Digital Music Plus) actually detects your song files' encoded bit rate and then applies the appropriate sound enhancers to help you regain some of the warmth and resolution lost during the compression process. Hear the music on your recorded CDs and MP3s in their original vibrancy.

Satellite Radio ready

The Satellite Radio ready head unit integrates seamlessly with satellite radio Sony® Bus adapters so you can receive digital satellite radio broadcasts.

Built-in LPF/HPF (Low Pass Filter/High Pass Filter):

Take advantage of the HPF with front/rear switch, now available in all Sony Xplod® CD Receivers. Both the LPF and HPF process signals

Wireless Card Remote included

The Wireless Card Remote offers convenient control over major Sony Xplod® receiver functions. It uses infrared for extended line-of-sight control, allowing you to select tracks, radio station information, sound and display settings, and more. The remote's card-style design offers ergonomic and intuitive control, and its rubberized buttons are built to last.

Motorized, full-motion, fluorescent, four-line display

The CDX-GT930UI gives you an enhanced display so you and your passengers can view up to four lines of music data on a bright, full-motion fluorescent display, while the flip-down faceplate keeps your CDs and stereo secure. The interface also features full-motion image and graphics display, so you can easily control and confirm EQ functions, explore song files and folders.


Not sure where your song is in the mix? Zappin™ plays music from your own mix in six-, nine-, or 30-second clips. Find your favorites in shuffle and shuffle repeat modes, too, with a simple touch of the Zappin control.

Rear auxiliary input

Sony® has made it easier than ever to connect almost any portable audio device to your car system. One little cable is all it takes to listen to your portable music player or portable DVD player through your Sony Xplod® system. No need to mess around with FM modulators to listen to your MP3 player in the car. The auxiliary input is built into the rear of the head unit. All you need to do is plug-and-play.

HD Radio® ready

HD Radio® ready capability lets you receive digital audio broadcasts when used with an optional HD Radio tuner.

Selectable red/blue/green key illumination

If you want to complement or match your dashboard luminescence, choose from red, blue, or green to add even more ambience to the ride.


Use the Quick-BrowZer® function to access your songs conveniently. Quick-BrowZer lets you search and select songs by category -- including artist, album, genre, or playlist -- without the risk of constantly looking down at your MP3 player while driving.

Passenger Control

The flexible Passenger Control lets your co-pilot control your iPod® via connected wire. As your passenger scans through the set lists, artist and album information displays on the receiver to let everyone know what song is playing.

MP3/WMA/AAC playback

Burn your favorite mixes and playlists to CD without having to worry about converting songs to a different format. The CDX-GT930UI gives you more playback options by letting you play CDs, CD-Rs, or CD-RWs, loaded with hundreds of MP3, WMA, or AAC song files.

4V front, rear and subwoofer preouts

Turn up the juice with high-voltage, 4-volt preamp outputs for louder, clearer sound. The 4-volt preamp outputs improve the system's dynamic range, reduce system noise, and provide powerful volume.

52W x 4 max output power

The Sony Xplod® CDX-GT930UI delivers 52 watts of peak power to all four speakers for bass-pumping sound.

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