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Technical Pro (BLUET7) Powered Bluetooth Loudspeaker|^|^
Technical Pro (BLUET7) Powered Bluetooth Loudspeaker
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Technical Pro (BLUET7) Powered Bluetooth Loudspeaker
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Technical Pro is known to build professional gear that audio professionals and audiophiles turn to for all of their sound needs. Our new line of Bluetooth Compatible equipment is quickly becoming the bench mark for all others to follow. With its sleek design and powerful sound the BLUET7 Powered Bluetooth® Loudspeaker is one of the hottest units in the market. It’s packed with options and of course built with the same long lasting design that you can expect from the engineers at Technical Pro. 

Besides the Bluetooth connectivity & FM Tuner there are also inputs for a USB flash drive and AUX (1/8") connections. Connect such sources as a laptop, computer, mp3 player, CD player, DVD player audio, mixer or other stereo audio devices to the 1/8" AUX connector. The USB flash drive input can handle a maximum size of 16 GB & play your .mp3 & .wma files from your USB flash drive through this speaker. You don't need any other equipment. Playback features only available on the USB flash drive input include play, repeat and random playback. 

Forgot your USB flash drive at home? Want to play audio files from your phone while keeping it safe in your pocket? No problem. The BLUET7's Bluetooth compatibility allows for wireless connection to any A2DP stereo Bluetooth device. That means you can play audio files from your phone, laptop or any other Bluetooth enabled device within a 30 foot foot range. The BLUET7 gives you the freedom to stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled device. 

Your in the car on your way home listening to your favorite beats or maybe a podcast from the your phone via the Bluetooth connection in car. You pull into your driveway. Previously there were only two options; stay in your car and keep listening or turn the the car off and continue the listening next time in the car. Technical Pro's BLUET7 unchains you from you car. Now you can walk into your home and connect your Bluetooth enabled mobile device to the BLUET7 and continue listening to your audio. 

The BLUET7 Bluetooth connectivity is also very useful if your having people over. Connect your mobile phone to the BLUET7 and play your audio from anywhere within a 30 foot range of the BLUET7. If crowd wants you to change the track you don't have to go running to the speaker anymore. Just take out your phone and select another song. 

The most impressive feature on the BLUET7 is the clarity of the Bluetooth transmission. You wont be able to tell the difference between the sound coming from a mp3 player connected directly to the BLUET7's 1/8" AUX input or a mobile device 30 feet away connected via Bluetooth. 

The front panel shows a digital fluorescent output display that shows the audio source, ID3 tags, and track and title information for the USB flash drive input. One quick look to the face of this unit and you know all the information you need about your playback status. Use the included remote control for ease of use. Set up your sound sources, walk away and control all your features from the remote. 

One look at the BLUET7and you will think it arrived from the future. The unit is extremely stylish and will surely impress your clients or your crowd. If you are serious about your sound, and are in need of options to play modern audio sources, and want to maintain a high level of performance this is for you…and it’s available at a price that won’t break the bank. 

Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG.
  • Inputs: USB Flash Drive, 1/8'' (MP3)
  • Digital FM tuner
  • USB flash drive maximum size: 16GB
  • Plays .mp3, .wma files from USB flash drive
  • Track number, Folder number & elapsed time will display for USB input
  • Bluetooth® compatibility allows for wireless connection to any A2DP stereo Bluetooth device
  • Features Bluetooth v2.0 with EDR
  • Bluetooth (2.4 GHz) technology
  • Bluetooth Range: 30 Feet
  • Digital output display meter
  • Repeat / Random playback on USB flash drive input
  • Remote Control
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Dimensions : 17.5''w x 7''h x 8.5''d
  • Weight : 6 lbs
  • Power: 110V
Technical Pro
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