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Home | By Categories | Pro Audio / Video | Mixers | 19" Mixers | Audio 2000 (AKJ7301) DJ Mixer with Voice Synthesizer, Sound Effects, and 7-Band Equalizer
Audio 2000 (AKJ7301) DJ Mixer with Voice Synthesizer, Sound Effects, and 7-Band Equalizer|^
Audio 2000 (AKJ7301) DJ Mixer with Voice Synthesizer, Sound Effects, and 7-Band Equalizer
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AKJ7301 DJ mixer with the voice synthesizer, sound effects and 7-band equalizer is specifically designed and optimized for the professional applications of the disc jockeys (DJ), karaoke Jockeys (KJ), and home users.

The AKJ7301 comprises two microphone inputs, four channels with eight audio inputs, three audio outputs, stereo 7-band equalizers, cross fader, talk-over control, eight sound effects and effect controls, headphone output and headphone output control, voice synthesizer, and echo controls.

The two microphone inputs include a DJ mic and Mic 1. The voice synthesizer is applied to the DJ mic only and is comprised of a +/-12 key controller. Both the DJ mic and the Mic 1 have its own level control and Hi/Lo controls. The eight audio inputs include Phono 1, Phono 2, Line 1, CD, Line 2, Tape, Line3, and Line 4. Phono 1 and Line 1 share the first audio channel with a selection switch. Phono 2 and Line 2 share the second audio channel with a selection switch. CD and Line 3 share the third audio channel with a selection switch. Tape and Line 4 share the fourth audio channel with a selection switch. The three audio outputs (RCA outputs) include the master, booth and record outputs. There is a stereo XLR balanced master output at the rear panel.

The talk-over feature is controlled by a three-position switch. When this switch is switched to the ON position, the talk-over feature stays on by reducing the background music level. When this switch is switched to the OFF position, the talk-over feature is disabled. When this switch is switched to the AUTO position, the talk-over feature will be enabled when the voice sound pressure is applied to the DJ mic input.

The sound effects include the sound of Thank (female voice of saying thank-you), Beast (beast howling sound), Bass Drum (sound of beating a bass drum), Drum 1 (sound of beating a tom drum), Claps (hand clapping sound of a group of people), Applaud (people's applauding sound), Cymbal (sound of beating a cymbal), and Drum 2 (sound of beating a second tom drum). The Speed control knob is used to control the pitch of the sound effect sound. The level is used to control the sound level of the sound effects.

An Equalizer Bypass switch is used to bypass or select the 7-band equalizer effect. The headphone outlet can be connected to one of the four audio channels or the master output with the Select switch. The headphone output level is adjusted by the Level control knob. An XLR 12V light socket is provided for the light fixture. A stereo LED level meter is for the DJ to visualize the sound performance conditions. A switch next to the DJ mic input is used to direct the echo effects to the DJ microphone only, music only or the overall sound to the master output. The echo controls enable the DJ or the user to adjust the echo repeat, echo delay time and echo volume of the microphone sound, music or master output.

The extraordinary features of quality key control with extremely low key-shift distortion, clear/transparent echo sound, versatile performances and function, and rugged/delicate apprearance make the AKJ7301 DJ mixer an outstanding value in any critical DJ or karaoke application.


    Disc jockey (DJ); karaoke jockey (KJ); karaoke; home entertainment

  • No Power ON/OFF Popping Noise
  • 2 Mic Inputs/2 Phono Inputs/4 Line Inputs/1 CD Input/1 Tape Input
  • Microphones with XLR & Jacks; with Two Band TONE Control
  • Three Section TALK-OVER Control: AUTO, ON and OFF
  • 7 Audio Inputs
  • Voice Synthesizer with a +/- 12 Steps Digital Key Control
  • Digital Echo
  • Digital Echo Volume/Delay/Repeat Controls
  • Three Audio Outputs for REC, AMP & BOOTH
  • Output Level Indicator with Peak Holder
  • SEND and RETURN Functions
Total Harmonic Distortion (@1KHz) 0.05%
Input Sensitivity/Impedance Microphone - 3mV/10K Ohm
Phono (RIAA) - 3mV/50KOhms
Output Level/Impedance AMP, BOOTH - 1V/600 Ohm
RECORD, SEND - 500 mV/600 Ohm
PHONES - 100 mV/8Ohm
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 KHz (+/- 1dB)
Signal/Noise Ratio MICROPHONE, PHONO - 70 dB
Talk-Over 0 dB to -20 dB
Echo Digital System, Delay Time - 0-300 msec
Voice Synthesizer Key Control Range +/- 12 Steps (1/4 Key/step)
Power Supply 110-120V/220-240V, 60/50Hz
Power Consumption 20W
WEIGHT 8.8 lbs (4.0 Kgs)
Dimensions (W X D X H) 19.2" X 9.4" X 4.2" (482 X 240 X 110 mm)
Audio 2000
Phone:(800) 661-8069
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