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Home | By Categories | Car Audio / Video | Car Amplifiers | 4 Channel Amplifiers | Audiobahn (A6004J) Intake Multi-Channel A/ B & Mono Block Amplifiers
Audiobahn (A6004J) Intake Multi-Channel A/ B & Mono Block Amplifiers|^|^|^
Audiobahn (A6004J) Intake Multi-Channel A/ B & Mono Block Amplifiers
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Audiobahn (A6004J) Intake Multi-Channel A/ B & Mono Block Amplifiers
Audiobahn (A6004J) Intake Multi-Channel A/ B & Mono Block Amplifiers
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DIGITAL DC INPUT VOLTAGE: Audiobahn Intake Amplifiers feature an on-board cobalt blue digital volt meter which allows a quick assessment of your vehicle’s charging voltage to the amplifier. During normal operation, the display should read between 11.5V and 14.4V. A LO or HI readout indicates a problem that requires attention.

AIR INTAKE FAN: Audiobahn’s Intake Series of amplifiers were made to be ultra-durable and allow for installation versatility. Since heat weakens the inner workings of any electrical component, attention was put into the placement of the air-induction groove and air intake fan. These design components help force cooler outside air into the chassis of the amplifier and help to maintain its optimum operating temperature.

NICKEL-PLATED BLOCK TERMINALS: Audiobahn uses nickel-plated block terminals to ensure increased productivity and maintaining proper connection. Because nickel is an ideal electrical conductor, the flow of power is essential in maintaining proper current flow through power connections. The nickel-plated block terminals provide a more efficient power transfer from output terminals to speakers and subwoofers and make a more solid and secure connection for all wires. Each terminal block is also encased in black ABS plastic to prevent short circuits and accidental wire entanglement.

  • Clas A/B MOSFET Circuitry
  • PWM MOSFET Power Supply
  • double-sided Glass Epoxy Circuit Board
  • THD: 0.02%
  • S/N Ratio: >100dB (+/- 1dB )
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz - 40kHz
  • Input Sensitivity: 200mV ~ 8V
  • Variable 18dB Hi-pass Cross over: 50Hz - 750Hz
  • Variable 18dB Low-pass Cross over: 50Hz - 120Hz
  • Bas boost on / off
  • Subsonic Filter: 20Hz - 50Hz
  • RCA Throughput Connections
  • 3-way Protection Circuitry: Thermal, Short Circuit and Overload Cooling Fan
  • Cobalt Blue Illumination
  • High Gloss Chrome-Plated Finish
  • RCA and HIGH Level Inputs
  • 4 Ohm Stereo 100 x 4
  • 2 Ohm Stereo 200 x 4
  • 4 Ohm Mono 400 x 2
  • 2 Ohm Mono N/A
  • Height 2 1/8"
  • Width 11 1/6"
  • Length 9 7/8"
Phone:(714) 452-1476
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